Deep cleaning

Commercial kitchens must meet stringent hygiene standards. Failure to do so can result in penalties and even closure of the whole establishment. Businesses that have a commercial kitchen must comply with all hygiene and health standards. It helps avoid an outbreak of food contamination that can cause health problems in patrons. Some types of grease deposits pose a risk of fire. Such a dirty kitchen becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and organisms that can contaminate foods. Regular cleaning helps avoid many of these problems but it is not sufficient in maintaining high level of hygiene standards. Occasional deep cleaning services are needed to keep the kitchen exceptionally clean.

Extra information about deep cleaning services

Who Needs These Services?

These services are mostly needed by commercial kitchen operating establishments like hotels, restaurants and food joints. Many organisations like clubs, educational institutions and large companies operate a kitchen at their place. All such places can benefit from deep cleaning of their kitchen. This service is also useful for homeowners. There are many local agencies that offer professional cleaning services for home kitchens. These services do not include full range of services as offered for commercial kitchens. It is an affordable solution to get the kitchen cleaned professionally every now and then. It helps avoid bacterial contamination of foods and risks of fire hazards in the kitchen.

What Is Included in the Cleaning Services?

In case of commercial kitchen, all cookers and hobs are cleaned thoroughly. Kitchen equipment as specified by the owner is cleaned. A big part of deep cleaning service involves degreasing all floors and walls of the kitchen area. Metal surfaces are cleaned and scoured. Soot and dust that collect on the ceilings are removed. A complete degreasing of all parts and areas of the kitchen is performed. There is structural cleaning. Lights are replaced if required by the owner. Electrical devices used for taking out soot and fumes are cleaned thoroughly. All sides of canopy and filters are cleaned. Duct cleaning involves removal of dust and debris deposits. This service includes a general cleaning of all parts and areas within the kitchen. The owner is promised to receive a kitchen that looks almost new.

Why Outsource This Job?

It is a laborious and time consuming task. The job requires use of special equipment and tools. These devices are very expensive and require regular maintenance. It is not economical for commercial kitchen owners to keep all such equipment. Firms providing deep cleaning kitchen services can afford to buy such equipment because they are in this business and need these devices every day. A deep cleaning job requires services of trained cleaning personnel. A commercial kitchen owner cannot employ cleaning workers whose services are not used every day during the working hours. It is better to outsource deep cleaning of kitchen to a company that specialises in this field. The service can be hired as and when needed. Only the required services can be hired.

Deep cleaning of commercial kitchen is critical to the success of a business establishment that cooks foods on its premises. It helps comply with food safety laws and kitchen cleanliness regulations.